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- Vaillant EcoTec Pro 28 Combi Boilers 28kw

Vaillant EcoTec Pro 28 Combi Boilers 28kw
Price: £ 841 excl. VAT
Price with VAT: £ 1,009.20

The Vaillant ecoTEC Pro 28 Combi Boiler offers a more basic specification than other ecoTEC models, but maintains the same high-quality build that we have come to expect from all Vaillant boilers. 


For complete peace of mind, the ecoTEC Pro 28 features comprehensive diagnostic information whilst coming with push-button operation. This, coupled with comprehensive status information, makes for easy commissioning and servicing. the Vaillant Pro 28 is ideally suited to 2/3 bedroom semi-detached homes with 1 bathroom and an en-suite.


The Aquacomfort system included with the ecoTEC Pro 28 provides instant hot water at a constant temperature, whilst being compatible with the ecoLEVEL condensate.  


Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger.

Pneumatic gas system.

High efficiency pump.

Easy to use backlit interface display. 

SEDBUK Band 'A' rated fuel efficiency - economical to run.

Intelligent and precise self setting gas combustion.

Attractive case with improved aesthetics.

Removable side panels for improved accessibility.

Lightweight - from 37kg, lightest in class.

Compact dimensions.

Unobtrusive appearance with rear-facing connections.

Compatible with Vaillant's Variable Termination Kit and ecoLEVEL condensate pump.

Compatible with Vaillant's wide range of controls.

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Product Specification

Manufacturer Vaillant 
Part Number 0010011690
Model Number  Ecotec Pro 28
Warranty  2 years as standard or 5 Years if installed by an Vaillant Approved installer.
Colour White
Boiler Type
Combination Boiler
DHW Output Range 95,500 Btus
CH Output Range 9.0 - 24.0 Watts
Height 720mm
Width 440mm
Depth 335mm
DHW Flow Rate 11.5 lpm @35°C
Fuel Type Natural Gas

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